About Us

About Us

P.P.C is  a second-generation Galway family business committed to supplying premium food supplements including Zerochol® and the renowned Eskimo-3® to healthcare practitioners, health stores and pharmacies in Ireland since 1992.


Based in the west of Ireland, PPC is approaching its 30th year anniversary in business. PPC Ltd. was established in 1992 by my parents and entrepreneurs Pat and Phil Curran (thus the acronym P.P.C!) Today I’m delighted to be continuing the great work that they started along with my husband and business partner Michael.

Originally my father Pat Curran trained to be an acupuncturist, but his passion was always in sales and customer service, so not long after training to be an acupuncturist, Pat and Phil established PPC to supply premium natural healthcare products to practitioners and their patients. From the beginning, my parents placed a huge emphasis on honesty and integrity in business as well as an absolute commitment to quality products and first-class customer service. 

Surrounded by a stellar staff, most of whom have been with us for over 20 years, we are confident that PPC will continue to thrive and maintain the core values instilled by Pat and Phil for years to come.


Zerochol® was created by Innoceutics in Belgium and has been supplied to the Irish market via health food stores and pharmacies for more than 10 years. In PPC, we understand that looking after your heart is of utmost importance, so often we recommend combining Zerochol® with Eskimo-3® for a healthier heart.

Zerochol® is a 100% natural food supplement containing plant sterols, clinically proven to lower cholesterol. When taken regularly at high doses, plant sterols can block normal cholesterol being absorbed into the bloodstream and therefore help maintain healthy cholesterol levels. Keeping your cholesterol levels at a normal level will reduce the risk of developing coronary heart disease. New research confirms that 1.6 g (2 tablets) Zerochol® plant sterols can lower cholesterol by 17% in 3 months, without any side effects.


Omega-3 fatty acids are a type of “good” fat that are essential for good health. Omega-3 fats EPA and DHA, as part of an overall healthy diet and lifestyle help support the heart in a variety of ways. Low omega-3 levels in the body are associated with increased risk of heart disease. Both EPA and DHA are found naturally in oily fish, while another omega-3 called ALA (alpha-linolenic acid) naturally occurs in plants such as nuts, seeds and leafy green vegetables. 

Current research shows that omega-3s occurring in fish oils (EPA and DHA) are a more reliable source than omega-3s occurring in plants. Omega-3s also have been shown to help maintain healthy blood pressure and healthy triglyceride levels. Given that an IPSOS/MRBI survey found that 89% of Irish people aren’t consuming enough seafood, it’s important to focus on getting more of these important nutrients daily.

The European Food Safety Authority states that you need 250mg Omega-3 EPA and DHA daily to support heart health. You need to eat oily fish (sardines, anchovies, mackerel, salmon and herring) twice a week to obtain the minimum requirement for omega-3. If you don’t include enough oily fish in your diet, you should take a good quality omega-3 fish oil such as Eskimo-3 daily, which can support heart, brain and eye health.

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