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What is Zerochol?

Zerochol® is a natural food supplement which provides natural plant sterols to help control cholesterol levels.

Who can take Zerochol?

Zerochol®, is suitable for people who need to balance their blood cholesterol levels. Please contact your GP before taking Zerochol® if you currently take cholesterol lowering medication.

What are plant sterols?

Taking plant sterols daily should be your first step in lowering LDL “bad” cholesterol. Plant sterols are naturally occurring substances found in plants. They work by blocking the absorption of cholesterol in the small intestine, which contributes to a significant decrease in the blood LDL “bad” cholesterol level. New research confirms that 1.6 g (2 tablets) Zerochol® plant sterols can lower cholesterol by 17% in 3 months, without any side effects.

What are the directions for use?

Initial Dose:

Take  2 Tablets with your main meal.  You may take a tablet with breakfast if consuming high-fat breakfast.

Maintenance Dose:

Once you have achieved your desired cholesterol level, and have improved your diet then you can use Zerochol at your own discretion.

As Zerochol plant sterols block the uptake of cholesterol from your meal, then you can gauge it based on what you are eating. E.g. vegetarian meal, fish, salad, etc you may decide zerochol is not needed, however your should take zerochol with foods such as steak, eggs, processed foods, fast foods, breakfast fry.

Are there any allergens present?

Contains soy oil – no soy protein present. Zerochol® is free from all other allergens.

Is Zerochol® dairy free?


Is Zerochol® gluten free?


Is Zerochol® suitable for vegetarians and vegans?

Zerochol® is suitable for both vegetarians and vegans, making it ideal for people who follow a vegetarian or vegan diet and want to get their manage their cholesterol level with plant sterols.

Are there any isoflavones present?

Isoflavones are present in all soy foods with the exception of soy sauce and soy oil, therefore Zerochol® is safe as it contains no isoflavones.

Are there any side effects?

No side effects have been reported in the numerous research studies carried out on plant sterols over the last 30 years. Plant sterols are already part of your normal diet via cereals, vegetable oils, nuts and seeds, albeit at a much lower level. The European Food Safety Authority confirmed that consuming 1.6g-3g plant sterols daily is a safe and effective way to lower LDL cholesterol.

Does Zerochol® affect CoQ10 synthesis?

No, plant sterols do not affect the synthesis of Co-Q10

Is Zerochol® a natural product?

Yes, Zerochol® contains 100% natural plant sterols (800mg plant sterols/ tablet).

Cholesterol FAQ

How will I know if my cholesterol levels are high?

There are usually no symptoms for high cholesterol; so, it’s very important to get your cholesterol checked annually. Shockingly, 4 out of 5 people over 45 years in Ireland have high cholesterol, and 2/3 of these are untreated. The Irish Heart Foundation recommends that healthy adults should have a total cholesterol level below 5 mmol/L. A simple blood test will measure your blood cholesterol level.

What is cholesterol?

Cholesterol is a waxy substance that’s found in the fats (lipids) in your blood. While your body needs cholesterol to continue building healthy cells, having high cholesterol can increase your risk of coronary heart disease. It’s mostly produced in the liver, but it’s also found in foods such as red meat, high-fat cheese, butter and eggs.

What causes high cholesterol?

Poor diet, lack of regular exercise, being overweight, smoking and drinking too much alcohol can all contribute to increased cholesterol levels. Eating a diet high in saturated fat or trans fat is the biggest contributing factor. Consider signing up for our FREE diet and lifestyle cholesterol program to guide you on your cholesterol lowering journey.


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