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“80% of heart disease is preventable, simply by making a few dietary and lifestyle changes.”
We’re delighted to offer an innovative online support program to follow while taking Zerochol
plant sterols. Zerochol is most effective at lowering LDL cholesterol, but it has been shown that you can improve your heart health dramatically by implementing a variety of dietary and lifestyle changes.

Changing habits is never easy, so you should consider signing up for Zerochol’s new online support program to help support your cholesterol lowering efforts. Participants of the program receive daily e-mails with information about cholesterol, heart health, the mediterranean diet, healthy eating tips, good fats versus bad fats, grocery list, recipes, healthy food swap ideas, lifestyle recommendations and more!

Over six weeks, participants receive daily e-mails with information and lots of tips on how to incorporate heart healthy foods into their daily lives. The program is designed to lower cholesterol and improve heart health!

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