Geraldine, Tuam, Co. Galway

“I started using Zerochol 3 months ago after I went to my GP and found out my blood test showed 6.4 for cholesterol. My GP said I had to get my cholesterol down or consider using medication. I decided to try a healthy diet and lifestyle while using 2 Zerochol tablets daily. I’m thrilled with the results as after 3 months and a check up – my cholesterol is now 5.2. I’d recommend Zerochol to anyone trying to reduce their cholesterol and want a natural solution”

Senior couple on country bike ride

Mary B, Dublin

“My friend recommended I try Zerochol after her husband reduced his cholesterol in a very short time, and I have to say the results were great. I changed my diet in that I cut out all the rubbish – sweets, sugar, pastries, cakes, biscuits etc, ate loads of fruits and vegetables, swapped red meat and processed meats for poultry, oily fish and leaner cuts of meat, used olive oil, rapeseed oil and coconut oils and only ate grains that were high in fibre. It took a while to get used to my new way of eating but it was worth it. My skin is smoother, I have lost a stone in weight, I feel more energetic and my cholesterol has reduced from 7.2 – 5.6 in 3 months.

I’d recommend the plan to anyone looking to improve their health and reduce cholesterol.”

 happy_couple Alan C., Cork

“I was a long time looking for a natural way to lower my cholesterol, but after going into my local health food store, I started to use Zerochol as it was recommended to me to use a natural product to help reduce cholesterol. My level was 6.8 so I needed to get it down quickly. I took Zerochol for 4 months and I’m really happy with my reading now 5.6.

I did the 5 step plan as much as possible, I feel great and my energy has soared. I’d recommend the 5 step plan to anyone looking to improve their health and reduce cholesterol naturally.”