About Zerochol

Zerochol is a 100% natural dietary supplement containing plant sterols. Plant sterols are present naturally in small quantities in many fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and grains and other plant sources that help lower your cholesterol. It has been proven that consuming plant sterols in a dosage five times higher than the average dietary level, contributes to a significant decrease in the blood LDL cholesterol level.

Zerochol® which is made from natural plant sterols, can help lower cholesterol in just six weeks. The plant sterols in Zerochol® work by partially blocking the uptake of cholesterol in the gut, so less gets absorbed into the blood stream. Cholesterol is naturally produced by the body as well as been found in the  food we eat. Both these sources of cholesterol enter the bloodstream, and can be blocked by Zerochol®. According to new European research, they have been proven to lower blood cholesterol, which may reduce the risk of coronary heart disease.

How does Zerochol work?

It’s the plant sterols present in Zerochol that make it a useful product to help lower LDL cholesterol.

Structurally similar to cholesterol, plant sterols can reduce the absorption of cholesterol in the gut by competing with cholesterol to get absorbed.  When you consume a Zerochol tablet with your meal, the plant sterols present in Zerochol reduce the absorption of cholesterol from your intestines into the body.  This includes both cholesterol you eat (called dietary cholesterol) and that made by your liver, which enters the intestines through bile…

With Zerochol®, cholesterol is partially blocked from entering the bloodstream.

Zerochol Research

Zerochol is a food supplement that contains plant sterols, scientifically proven to lower LDL cholesterol.

test results_Page_1 copyNew research confirms that 1.6 g (2 tablets) of Zerochol® plant sterols can lower cholesterol by 17% in 3 months, without any side effects. Zerochol also reduced Triglycerides by 17%, further improving the overall lipid profile and reducing risk of heart disease.

As you will see, the research results proved Zerochol is an effective treatment for cholesterol management. Participants in the trial were encouraged by the results, with 83% participants satisfied with Zerochol, 98% showing no side effects and 79% participants requesting to stay on Zerochol after the 12 week period.

Take 2 tablets daily with your main meal. You can take a third tablet with your breakfast or lunch if the meal is high in cholesterol. By taking Zerochol with your meal, the free plant sterols help to inhibit the absorption of cholesterol from the meal.

Zerochol® is available from all leading health food stores and selected pharmacies nationwide.

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